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A strongly acidic spring quality that's unusual even in world terms

Shin-Tamagawa Hot Spring draws its water from the same source as Tamagawa Hot Spring. The water of these hot springs has a strongly acidic spring quality in which the main component is hydrochloride which is rare even in world terms. The spring also contains radium. The radium facilitates the natural healing powers of the spring in the way that low radiation hormesis is renowned for in the medical world and rejuvenates your body. This spring boasts the largest discharge from a single source in Japan. It's truly spectacular with the water bursting out from the source, the white smoke coming from it and the noise of it.

A Safe and Welcoming Environment

The inside of Shin-Tamagawa Hot Spring has been designed with safety prioritized for people with hand rails fitted at important places in the building and differences in the level of the floor minimized as much as possible. Elderly people can feel at ease using the facilities here too.

Large hot spring bath (Daiyokujo)

  • Utase-yu
  • Lukewarm water/Very hot water
    Steam Hot Spring・Steam Box
  • Vaper Bathing
    Bubble Bath
  • Walking Bathing
    Small bath for charter
  • Vaper Hot Spring
    Bubble Bath
  • Outdoor Hot Spring
    Small bath for charter
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