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A buffet that's delicious and good for health


The menu here is made up of dishes lavishly using local ingredients and vegetables and are made with health and beauty in mind.
In particular there's a wide range of dressings in the fresh salad corner including olive oil, wine vinegar and locally produced vinegar along with rock salt and black pepper mills so you can flavor to your liking.
You can also enjoy eating the freshly made local dishes of Akita and the carefully selected seasonal ingredients which are prepared in the open kitchen in the view of the guests.
Over half the menu of main dishes changes every day so guests on long stays can enjoy their dining here without getting bored of the food.

Example Dinner Menu

Made with True Ingredients of Akita
Kiritanpo Nabe, the Famous Food of Akita

Kiritanpo, the main representative of Akita’s local dishes, has a richness of its own with its soup made by boiling Hinai Chicken bones.

Hinai Chicken Teppanyaki

Hinai Chicken is one of the three main species of chicken in Japan. It’s distinctive with its unique texture and the tastiness of its fats.

Japanese Sake of Akita

There are exquisite Japanese sake products available here of excellent quality and made with techniques born in the Japanese sake kingdom of Akita.

*The buffet-style dinner starts at two set times each day.
*At busy times you may need to eat in a different dining area.

Example Breakfast Menu

The Rice Producing Area of Akita – Akita Komachi

Akita Komachi is the foremost brand of Akita rice. Enjoy it freshly made for breakfast. We also serve it as okayu (rice porridge) or genmai (brown rice).

Iwaizumi Yoghurt

Produced in Iwaizumi, Iwate Prefecture using carefully selected raw milk, it has a distinctive flavor and smoothness you won’t have tasted before.

*In busy periods you can expect the dining area to be crowded at certain times.
*For guests who are not in a hurry, if possible please try to avoid eating breakfast at the busiest times.

About Lunch

The lunch is prepared with the guests on long stays in mind. Guests on day trips may also dine here too though. Please book in advance if you plan to have lunch here as an organized group. Feel free to enquire by email or telephone.

Dining Area

Shunsai Dining  Buna no Shiki We serve dishes prepared in our newly designed open kitchen using carefully selected ingredients.

You can enjoy dining in a relaxed atmosphere at Shunsai Dining Buna no Shiki while looking out at the scenery and the changing colours of the seasons. It starts with the fresh greenery of spring, then the deep greenery of summer, followed by the golden leaves of autumn and finally the silent coverings of snow of winter. Make yourself at home in this dining area surrounded by the beech trees and their changing appearance.

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