• Tamagawa Hot Spring
  • Transport Guide

    Take care with transport access to Shin-Tamagawa Hot Spring as it is very different in the summer period (late April – late November) compared to the winter period (late November – late April). Route 341 that runs between Nishinkan Restaurant on the Tazawako side and Sumikawa on the Kazuno side is closed during the winter period and regular vehicles are unable to pass.

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Shin-Tamagawa Hot Spring uses the same hot spring source as Tamagawa Hot Spring. This hot spring is used by customers for the purpose of recuperation and convalescence but is also good for customers just here for pleasure and tourism. All guest rooms are non-smoking.
  • The Hot Spring
    The hot spring here is the No. 1 for strongly acidic hot spring water in Japan at a pH 1.2. It’s visited by people from all over Japan as a hot spring for recovery and healing.
  • Heat Therapy Bathing
    You lie down on a mat on top of a heated rock and just like bedrock bathing you are covered with a blanket made of toweling or wool. In addition to the heat therapy stimulating the metabolism, you can also expect it to be effective on a variety of conditions.
  • Therapeutic Bathing(Toji)
    There is a resident nurse in the therapeutic bathing consulting office within the building. Feel free to drop in and consult them about therapeutic bathing if you’re not in good health.